4 feet snake found in bag of female passenger at airport

Washington: In a strange incident at an American airport, a 4-foot long snake hidden in a passenger’s bag was captured on camera.

According to the international news agency, a female passenger tried to enter the plane with a 4-foot-long snake in her carry-on bag at the Tampa International Airport in the United States.

When the bag was screened, a suspicious item was found in the bag, which was carefully packed with the laptop etc.

The staff asked the female passenger to open the carry-on bag, during which a snake came out. Seeing the four-foot-long snake, the passengers got excited.

The staff took the snake into their custody. The lady passenger said that the snake was her pet and harmless. She carries it everywhere with her. This snake provides them with emotional support.

The airline company has taken the stand that snakes are not included in the pets allowed on the plane. Snakes are allowed in a few airports in the United States, but they can only be carried in check-in bags.

It should be noted that the snake found in the woman’s bag is found in Latin America and it is not poisonous, but it has the ability to kill its prey by binding it.

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