A British photographer’s life was changed by an accidental photo

A British photographer's life was changed by an accidental photo

Photography is not only a profession, but for many people it is a hobby, a hobby and a great way to escape from stress.

According to a recent BBC report, the life of a British photographer named Ian Sprott, who is suffering from mental depression due to the lockdown due to the global epidemic corona virus, was changed by just one photo taken by chance.

41-year-old Ian Sprott says he was depressed due to the lockdown caused by the coronavirus, which he started photography to escape from.

While sorting through the 4,000 photos taken during the 12-hour shoot, little did he know he would find the best photo of his life.

His excellent photograph beautifully captured a rare moment in which the raging waves of the sea form a face as they crash against a nearby lighthouse.

This is Ian Sprott’s fortune or what! As the electrician started photography two years ago to deal with mental health issues due to the lockdown, he only wanted to find a face in the waves of these seas.

Ian Sprott says that while sorting through 4,000 images, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw this picture, what happened!

He shared this rare picture of himself on the social media platform Instagram and wrote that ‘Is this the water goddess Amphitrite or our dear late Queen Elizabeth?’

He says that although this photo was not the best in terms of composition, but I am happy, this photo changed my life, my wish was fulfilled, I am a different person now.

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