A coating that prevents covid and other germs for months

Michigan: The battle between humans and germs has been going on for centuries. Now, experts at the University of Michigan have created a coating that can be instantly applied to any surface to kill germs and viruses in minutes.

In early trials, the coating technology kills 99.9 percent of pathogens, including SARS-CoV, E. coli and the less dangerous MRSA virus.

Once applied to any surface, whether it’s a keyboard, display screen, stair railing or kitchen counter surface, it remains effective for months even after washing and wiping.

Above all, it can be used successfully in hospitals and airports, as developed by Anish Toteja of the University of Michigan and his colleagues.

They say that if disinfectant is sprayed on any surface, germs and viruses will return there after a while by touching the hands of different people. Some metals like copper are also naturally sterilizing but it takes hours. In contrast, new coating technology kills all germs in minutes.

This coating contains tea tree oil and cinnamon oil mixed with an adhesive solution. The coating is then easily sprayed on and begins to kill germs within two minutes. All these ingredients are completely eco-friendly and can be reused over and over again.

Various experiments and trials have revealed the usefulness of the coating spray in several ways and it is expected that next year it will be available worldwide in the form of a spray.

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