A Kashmiri youth fulfills his mother's wish to become a pilot and take him to the Kaaba

Srinagar: Every parent wishes that their children fulfill their dreams, a post about one such son is going viral on social media these days.

A post shared by Amir Rashid Wani, a user from Occupied Kashmir, is circulating on social media, in which, to fulfill the dream of a mother of an obedient son, first the pilot and then his own plane take the mother to Kaaba, i.e. the city of Mecca. There is a mention of fulfilling the dream of going.

Twitter user Aamir Rashid Wani shared 2 pictures and tweeted that ‘My mother wrote a card for me during my school days which she stuck on my chest.’

He further wrote in the tweet that ‘My mother used to tell me that when you become a pilot, take me to Makkah in your plane.’

Amir Rashid further wrote that ‘Today my mother is one of the passengers going to Makkah and I am the pilot of the same plane.’

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