A new molecule that destroys stubborn cancer is discovered

DALLES: JAMA Texas scientists have discovered a brand new molecule that targets cancer tumors that are failing all other treatments.

This molecule is called ERX41, which can destroy triple-negative breast cancer cells in particular. Since the discovery of the molecule, it has been tested on isolated cells, cancerous human tissue, and human cancer in mice. It has also been compared to conventional cancer drugs.

Dr. Jung Ma Ohn, professor of chemistry at the School of Natural Science and Mathematics at the University of Texas at Dallas, and his colleagues spent ten years developing this molecule that enters the cell and interacts with its own proteins. Earlier, he has also done excellent research on incurable prostate cancer. In this they have also used a technique called ‘structure-based pharmaceuticals’.

ERX41 was first tested on breast cancer cells, including breast cancer cells with and without the estrogen receptor. ERX41 destroys cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

ERX41 first binds to a protein called LIPA, or lysosomal acid lipase, because cancer cells produce large amounts of it. In this way the cancer cell dies. Their experiments on rats have shown excellent results.

However, it will be tested on humans only after further experiments.

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