A Palestinian citizen has a treasure of 25,000 newspapers accumulated over 50 years

Palestinian: 25,000 newspapers are included in the rich treasure of information that the elderly citizen of Palestine has.

Talal Taha from Gaza has refused to say goodbye to newspapers even in the digital era.

Talal Taha has been collecting newspapers for the past 50 years, fondly called ‘Akhbarwala’

According to the report of a foreign news agency, Talal Taha says that the fun of holding a newspaper in the hands is something else.

He started collecting newspapers in the 1970s, and even today four Palestinian dailies, including Al-Quds, Al-Alayam, Al-Nahr and Palestine, come to his residence.

Before reading the newspaper, Talal Taha writes his name, phone number and address on it.

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He says that there is history in newspapers, no one can put a price on them.

“My interest in newspapers was born during the Camp David Accords and the war in October 1973,” he said.

Anyone who says to Talal Taha that the era of newspapers is over, he replies that your era is over.

The senior citizen says that reading a newspaper is very different from looking at photos on a mobile phone, any old newspaper you pick up will look totally different from the photos.

Talal Taha also has 3000 invitations received at different times.

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