A plan was made to make the famous street of Saudi Arabia a cultural platform

A plan was made to make the famous street of Saudi Arabia a cultural platform

Jeddah: The Saudi Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipalities, Rural Affairs and Housing, has transformed Adib Khoja Street in Rawza neighborhood of Jeddah into a cultural platform. Named after the late writer Abdul Maqsood Khoja, various cultural performances will now be presented in this street.

This street will be opened in the third quarter of 2023. This street will also be made the center of the cultural activities of this forum after being influenced by the famous cultural forum Duglapan created by the late writer four decades ago.

In this street, the cultural activities started by the late writer will be presented in a creative color. Under the project, a temporary plaza will be built in the main area of ​​the street where the cars coming will be accommodated.

Places will be provided for street walk sessions, shading will be done, work will be done to present eye-catching scenes, obstacles to people’s walking will be removed, streets will be completely open for cultural activities.

The historic street will offer visitors interactive plays, live artistic performances, other cultural activities, artworks to inspire the community through arts, mobile library facility, books and literature for all initiatives.

Literary partnership initiative will also be started here. Late Abdul Maqsood Khoja was a well-known and influential cultural personality. He patronized the literary and intellectual movement in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world for many years.

The forum created by him has provided facilities to 440 scholars, thinkers and writers so far. He was deeply interested in collecting and publishing the literary works of late ancient Saudi writers.

On this basis, his forum “Athnia” presented 185 volumes of ancient literary works. With the advancement of technology there is now a forum website.

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