Abu Dhabi: Electronic system for payment of parking fee launched 

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Transport Center in the United Arab Emirates has said that the parking fee system has been updated. Parking fee will be paid through electronic system.

According to Arab media, the Abu Dhabi Transport Center said in a statement that machines connected to G5 technology have been installed everywhere in the state to pay parking fees.

The Transport Center says that the paper ticket system for parking fees has been abolished. Parking fee can be paid through electronic means only. The fee can be paid through Maqif card, cash or ATM card after entering the parking type, vehicle number and parking duration.

The Transport Center says that the new smart screen will facilitate entry of information related to vehicle number plate etc.

The statement said that more than twelve hundred machines will be installed which will be connected with G5 technology. All works will be completed before the end of this year.

In addition, the local council in the state of Ajman has said that 17,267 charged parking spaces have been created by the end of the first six months of this year. The system is being digitized or going digital for the convenience of citizens.

According to Emirates News Agency, the Municipal Council of Ajman has issued a chart of 7 violations regarding charged parking.

Irregular parking will be fined.Parking in reserved spaces, parking in general parking without paying fee, parking for longer than paid fee, parking truck improperly without permit, handicapped. There will also be a penalty for parking the vehicle in the designated parking lot and parking the vehicle for a long time in the charged parking lot of mosques.

The municipality says that the facility of booking parking for limited and long periods has also been given.

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