According to the experts: what is the best sleeping position?

According to the experts: what is the best sleeping position?

Washington: Not only is a good night’s sleep very important for rest and activation of the whole body, but the sleeping pattern also adds to its benefits.

The way you sleep has positive and negative effects on your body, usually leading to different diseases.

Experts believe that a bad sleeping position affects the neck, shoulders and especially the spine.

This leads to constant back pain and affects daily life, along with this habit disturbs restful sleep.

According to experts, sleeping on the back is a normal position but it is not good for the spine.

According to him, sleeping in this position can prevent neck and back pain, however, keeping the head raised above the pillow can cause acidity problems.

According to the experts, sleeping on the stomach is absolutely prohibited, medically it is not recommended to sleep in this way at all, because sleeping in this position can cause problems with the spine.

Experts say that sleeping on the stomach restricts the movement of the abdominal muscles, which are essential for sleep. However, experts say that the best position is to take the crotch and sleep.

Spine specialists recommend sleeping on the left side as it helps to resolve breathing problems.

Experts believe that by doing this, there is no disturbance in the respiratory tract of the person and due to the open windpipe, he does not face any problem in breathing.

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