Actress Ishna Shah got engaged, the pictures are viral

Islamabad: Well-known Pakistani actress Ashna Shah got engaged to golfer Hamza Amin, whose photos have also been shared by the actress.

On Instagram, actress Ashna shared photos and videos taken from the engagement ceremony, tagging Hamza Amin.

The actress wrote in her post that ‘Mere Missing Pazal Se Maleye, the boy is also handsome and good too Bismillah.’

It is clear from the pictures that Ishna Shah’s engagement ceremony was held at home where Ishna can be seen in a pink suit while her fiance is seen in an off-white kurta shalwar wearing a flower garland.

According to media reports, Ashna Shah’s fiance Hamza Amin is a professional golfer who has represented Pakistan in several international tours.

Hamza’s father Taimur Hasan Amin is the chairman of the Asia Pacific Gulf Federation, Hamza has been serving as a social activist apart from being a sportsman.

It should be noted that even before this, actress Ashna Shah has been seen in various events with golfer Hamza Amin, while the actress had asked Hamza Amin to become his bodyguard in one of her posts.

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