Afghan Taliban released 2 US citizens from custody

Afghan Taliban released 2 US citizens from custody

Kabul: Afghan Taliban released 2 American citizens in their custody.

According to the news agency, the Afghan Taliban has released two American citizens in custody under the spirit of goodwill, which has also been confirmed by the American government.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price welcomed the Taliban’s release of American citizens and condemned the educational restrictions imposed on women.

The Taliban’s announcement of a ban on women going to universities and the release of American citizens took effect on the same day.

Ned Price said that while he understood the Taliban to be an act of goodwill, the release did not involve any sort of prisoner exchange or ransom.

According to the American newspaper, the two Americans who were released from the prison of the Taliban arrived in Qatar on Tuesday, but no identity of them has been revealed.

In this regard, Ned Price said that under the rules and regulations, he cannot release more details of the released Americans, but they are providing them with adequate support and they will be reunited with their loved ones very soon.

The spokesman of the US Department of State said that Washington has been constantly raising the matter before the Taliban to release the American citizens who are still in their custody, but the Taliban does not release the details of how many American citizens they have imprisoned, there are.

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