Afghanistan: A girl committed suicide to avoid stoning

Afghanistan: A girl committed suicide to avoid stoning

Kabul: Taliban officials were about to stone a girl in Afghanistan’s Ghor province when she strangled herself with a scarf.

According to the international news agency, a couple who ran away from home for arranged marriage in Afghanistan’s Ghor province were caught by Taliban officials and sentenced to stoning on the charge of adultery.

The execution of the boy’s sentence was carried out by hanging on October 13 and today the girl was being sentenced to public stoning, however, the girl committed suicide by strangling herself with a scarf.

Since the establishment of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, all international funds, including the central bank, were frozen, due to which the country is facing a severe financial crisis and the country has poverty camps. People have been forced to sell their daughters.

Due to all this situation, there has been an increase in the trend of Afghan girls running away from home and getting married. Women are suffering from severe insecurity regarding their future.

It should be noted that the Taliban established a government in Afghanistan on August 15 last year, and since then secondary education for girls, women’s jobs and travel without a mahram have been banned.

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