Afghanistan: Heavy explosion in restaurant, 3 people killed, 13 injured

Afghanistan: Heavy explosion in restaurant, 3 people killed, 13 injured

Kabul: 3 people were killed and 13 injured in a powerful explosion in a restaurant in the capital of Afghanistan.

According to the international news organization, there was a strong explosion in a restaurant in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The explosion was so intense that cars parked nearby were destroyed and there was chaos. Taliban personnel surrounded the scene of the incident.

During the rescue operations, 20 people were brought to the hospital, where 3 people were confirmed dead, while 13 people were injured, of which 4 were in a critical condition, and the death toll is expected to increase. Taliban officials say that the nature of the explosion is not yet clear. Investigations are ongoing in this regard. The first priority is to transfer the injured to the hospital to save as many lives as possible.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast, however, since the establishment of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, Daesh Khorasan has been involved in such activities against which the Taliban government has cracked down.

On the other hand, the war of attrition between the Taliban and the insurgents continues in Panjshir, the only province in Afghanistan that has shown resistance against the Taliban government.

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