Afghanistan opened universities: Ban on female students

Kabul: Universities in Afghanistan reopened after the winter break, but Taliban security officials prevented female students from entering.

According to the World News Agency, the Taliban banned women’s university education in August last year, saying that the Ministry of Higher Education was working to make the environment in universities safe for women by adapting them to Sharia rules and Afghan culture. After which the restriction will be removed.

However, it was hoped that the students would be allowed to continue their studies when the universities open after the winter vacation, but today the students faced disappointment once again when the universities opened.

The Taliban officials on security duty at the main gate of the universities instructed the female students who had reached the universities to go back, saying that the ban is still in place, when the ban is announced, they will be allowed to enter the university.

It should be noted that following the instructions of the Taliban government, most of the universities were already teaching boys and girls through separate entrances and separate classes.

Similarly, female students were only allowed to teach female professors or older male teachers.

Despite the implementation of these government directives, the Taliban imposed a ban in the middle of last year, however, several Taliban officials say that the ban on women’s education is temporary and will be lifted soon.

On the other hand, according to some Taliban officials, the reality is that the ultra-conservative clerics who advise Taliban emir Habullah Akhundzada are deeply skeptical about modern education for women.

It should be noted that after coming to power in August 2021, the Taliban has banned women’s jobs, secondary schools for girls and travel without Muharram, due to which no country has recognized the Taliban government yet.

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