Agreement on Scientific and Cultural Cooperation between Islamic Islamic Contact and Clock Towers Administration

Cairo: Rabat Alam-e-Islami has signed an agreement with the clock towers administration in Makkah for cooperation in scientific and cultural fields.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Eisa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Museums and Seerat Nabi (PBUH) and Organization for the Promotion of Islamic Civilization and Secretary General of Islamic Scholars Association.

According to media reports, the agreement was signed on behalf of the association by the Under Secretary for Executive Affairs, Naif Al-Sharif, and the CEO of Clock Towers, Abdulaziz Al-Musa. .

These sources include technical exhibitions, museums, atlases, sculptures, collections and publications in various international languages. has gone

These items will be presented in the most modern style and enhanced by the activities with the help of distinguished expertise. It is uniquely international in its exhibitions and museums dedicated to serving the Prophet Muhammad’s biography and rich Islamic history.

He said that the history of Islam begins with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia is the heart of Islam, there are two holiest places of Islam, Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia itself is a strong starting point for international museums and exhibitions, the kingdom has a unique and well-documented source of facts about Islamic history. The most important and prominent chapters of Islam are here.

Dr. Al-Eisa said that this cooperation in Islamic World Contact and Clock Towers comes under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. According to this vision, Umrah and Hajj include introducing the biography of the Prophet to strengthen the faith of the pilgrims.

It also aims to highlight the historic and extraordinary efforts made by Saudi Arabia to serve Islamic affairs in general. In particular, to highlight the spiritual and scientific issues that confirm the firm right to this great honor.

Under the leadership of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia was fully prepared to serve Islam and Muslims.

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