Aima Baig cheated on Shehbaz Shugri, British model leaked the singer’s call

Aima Baig cheated on Shehbaz Shugri, British model leaked the singer's call

KARACHI: British model Talulah Mair has alleged that Pakistani singer Aima Baig cheated on her fiance Shahbaz Shugri.

In one of her messages on social media, Talulah Mair says that Aima Beg had a relationship with another person, Mair has claimed that Aima ended her relationship with Shahbaz due to her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Qais Ahmed.

The British model says that singer Aima wants to save herself, the model also shared a screenshot of a chat on social media with Qais Ahmed, Aima Baig and Shehbaz Shagri.

Tallulah has also leaked a voice call allegedly between Aima and Qais in which objectionable and immoral conversations have been made.

The British model’s Instagram account has been suspended after the above audios and screenshots of the chat were shared, which she has blamed on the Pakistani singer.

Social media users have shared the above mentioned WhatsApp audio call on their accounts.

However, no denial or confirmation has come out on the part of singer Aima Beg on these allegations.

A new Pandora’s box is top trending on Twitter after a British model accused the Pakistani singer.

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