America: 7 people were killed in shooting incidents , 3 injured including a footballer

Washington: 7 people, including an attacker, were killed and 3 injured in 3 brutal shooting incidents in the US states of Michigan, Texas and the capital, while one of the injured is a football player.

According to the American Broadcasting Corporation, a gunman in the city of Houston, Texas, first set a few houses on fire and when the residents came out in fear, they opened fire, which resulted in the death of three people.

When the fire brigade staff arrived to put out the fire in the houses, the armed man threatened them, meanwhile the police also arrived and asked them to arrest the armed man, but the armed man opened fire on the police. The assailant was killed in police retaliatory firing.

The second incident of shooting occurred in Detroit, Michigan, where a gunman in a car targeted pedestrians and a car rider at different locations, resulting in the death of 3 people and 2 injuries.

A gunman in a car first shot a man waiting for a bus, then shot a woman walking her dog and later killed a man in the street.

According to the police, after killing three people, the gunman asked another car rider to stop and opened fire, but luckily the bullet missed and the fourth victim of the gunman was safe.

Michigan police have released a photo of a suspect and asked for help in apprehending them, but have not released the identities of those killed.

Meanwhile, in the capital Washington, a football player was shot by an unknown person. The footballer survived the attack but was seriously injured and is being treated in hospital.

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