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Washington: In the American state of California, Lake Erie, due to the high waves and the cold winds, the rows of houses on the banks were covered with layers of ice, after which the houses on the lake shore began to present an attractive view.

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The local population living on the shores of Lake Erie called Crystal Beach gave the name of the lake a happy coincidence after the ‘crystal’ layer of ice froze on the lakeside houses.

Local residents say that during the storm, the high waves from the lake jumped over the protective wall and hit the roofs of the houses, after which the water flowing down from the roofs of the houses started to freeze due to extreme cold.

The local population said that after the storm, the rows of their houses are presenting a fascinating and attractive sight.

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After the storm, their rows of houses are presenting a fascinating and attractive sight — Photo: AFP

Temperatures in Erie County dropped into the single digits during the storm, while the weather service warned residents that storm surge winds of up to 60 miles per hour could cause lake waves as high as 25 feet can rise

Locals say that when the winds from the lake hit the houses, the extremely cold winds would immediately freeze the water flowing from the roofs, leaving a foot-thick layer of clear ice crystals on the houses.

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One-foot-thick layers of transparent ice crystals froze on houses — Photo: AFP

Most of the local residents said that they have been living here for a long time, but they have never seen such a situation before. The crystal layers of snow on the houses are a beautiful, fascinating and fascinating sight to behold. But the loss of houses due to this is also incredible.

More than three dozen people were killed in Buffalo, Erie County, during the storm, which is being described as a historic loss of life.

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