America and Germany's support for Pakistan on Kashmir could not be digested by India

New Delhi: Germany’s foreign minister and the US ambassador to Pakistan have raised their voices in favor of Pakistan’s stance on the Kashmir issue, which has not turned a blind eye to the aggressive India and Modi’s official bubble.

According to a foreign news agency, US Ambassador Donald Bloom and Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalina Bierbach have supported Pakistan’s position on the Kashmir issue. The spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly objected to the use of the words Azad Kashmir by the US ambassador during the weekly briefing and said that the US has been informed about its concerns in this regard.

Similarly, while replying to the foreign minister of Germany, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arndam Bagchi, raised the tone of baseless accusations against Pakistan and said that Germany should also condemn those who invade other countries.

It should be remembered that German Foreign Minister Annalina Bierbach said in a joint press conference with her Pakistani counterpart that they want a solution to the Kashmir issue under the UN resolutions to pave the way for sustainable peace in the region.

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