America: Big winter storm, millions of people without electricity, hundreds of flights suspended

Washington: A major winter storm in the US has left most states and more than half of the country’s population facing heavy snow and freezing winds, while more than 1 million people have lost power and hundreds of flights have been grounded.

According to the US media, several deaths have been reported during the severe weather and snow, while states of emergency have been declared in Georgia, North Carolina and Kentucky.

Bitter cold and snow have hampered millions of people traveling during the Christmas holiday across the US, with 4,500 flights canceled and hundreds of trains canceled in the Midwest over two days.

Flight and train cancellations are causing chaos, with 12 hundred flights canceled at just two Chicago airports.

US President Joe Biden, warning of the severity of the weather, has asked people to follow the warnings of local authorities.

In addition to the United States, the eastern part of Canada is also experiencing severe cold and snow, with many flights canceled or delayed in Toronto.

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