American citizen jailed in Russia

Moscow: An American citizen was jailed for kicking a police officer in Russia.

According to the Russian media, the case of the American man who was arrested on the charge of torturing a police officer on duty was pronounced. The court of the city of Voronar in Western Russia sentenced the 28-year-old American citizen to four and a half years after being found guilty of torturing the police officer. Sentenced to imprisonment.

The accused was accused of assaulting and kicking an on-duty police officer, who was arrested by the police after he was drunk and disturbing public order on a train.

Russia’s Investigative Committee on Major Crimes said that the American citizen had violated the legal measures implemented in Russia.

The accused has been identified as Robert Gilman. The US citizen’s lawyer has decided to appeal the sentence and said he will contact US authorities to arrange a prisoner exchange.

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