Another important heart healthy component found in apples

LONDON: British experts have said that a compound already known in apples has been revealed to be important in preventing heart diseases.

This chemical compound is called flavone-3-ols, which is also found in grapes, apples, berries, and black tea. Interestingly, instead of a vitamin, the importance of a compound in apples has been revealed. However, it is still being researched and is being considered for guidelines for use.

Dr. Gunter Kunley of the University of Reading, UK, said that consuming 400 to 600 mg of Fla-13 OLS per day reduces the risk of heart disease, which is equivalent to several cups of tea. However, this apple is found in purple and red berries as well. It is common even in dark chocolate.

Experts have released the dosage of the compound after a lot of research that included 157 clinical trials and 15 studies. All surveys show that Flaven 3OLS protects the heart and keeps cholesterol and sugar under control, besides increasing blood flow. However, it may have different effects on different individuals.

Experts have said that it is best to get Flaven 3OLS from the diet as many problems have been reported with its pills and supplements. If its dosage is increased, the liver may be affected and digestive complications may arise.

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