Another Iranian woman standing at her mother’s grave with shaved hair gave a protest message

Another Iranian woman standing at her mother's grave with shaved hair gave a protest message

Tehran: The protest movement that started after the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of the moral police in Iran has entered the third week.

Another Iranian woman standing at her mother's grave with shaved hair gave a protest message

At least 83 people have been killed in the protests, but despite the softening of the attitude of the Iranian authorities.

Instead, the authorities have imposed strict restrictions on all famous personalities, artists and influential people on social media in order to spread fear and panic among the common people, but the protesters still do not seem to be peaceful, along with taking to the streets.

Citizens have started to adopt new ways of protesting. One of the new ways is to share a photo of a woman shaving her head on social media.

Now another woman has shared her picture standing on her mother’s grave with her hair cut and scarf around her neck, and has raised a rebellion against the rulers.

Ten days ago, three children were killed during protests in the city of Kermanshah in Iranian Kurdistan.

A 60-year-old woman, Menu Majidi, was shot dead by the security forces. Now, while protesting, her daughter stood on her mother’s grave and took a picture and sent her protest message to the rulers.

It can be seen in the picture. A viral photo of a young woman standing by her late mother’s grave, dressed in black and with a white scarf draped over her shoulders, with a shaved head, has outraged and saddened people across Iran.

This picture of the girl spread like wildfire in a few hours. Hundreds of Iranian social activists paid tribute to the woman’s courageous stand and shared the photo further.

People described this picture as a wonderful silent protest. When the young Kurdish woman Mehsa Amini died in police custody on September 16, protests started across Iran.

This protest continues till now. The X-ray report of Mehsa Amini showed that her death was due to violence, and the protests became more intense.

The authorities have denied that Mehsa Amini was tortured. Many women have burnt their scarves and cut their hair in these protests.

These are the biggest protests in Iran after 2019. The government is calling these protests an attempt to spread riots, but on the other hand, many Iranian directors, players, musicians and actors, even the national football team, expressed their views with the protesters. What is solidarity?

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