Argentina became the world champion for the third time after defeating France

Argentina became the world champion for the third time after defeating France

In the final of the Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar, Argentina won the World Cup for the third time by defeating the defending champion France, ending Europe’s 16-year monopoly. Since 2006, 4 consecutive European teams (Italy, Spain, Germany and France) have won the World Cup was.

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The World Cup final played on Sunday was decided on penalty kicks, with Argentina winning 2-4.

In the first half of the final played in the stadium of Lucille, Qatar, Argentina took a two-zero lead against France. Lionel Messi scored the first goal of Argentina on a penalty in the 23rd minute, while the second goal was scored by Di Maria in the 36th minute. What in th minute?

However, in the second half, France’s Mbappe scored two goals in 2 minutes to end Argentina’s lead in the match, and the match was tied at 2-2 by the time.

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In extra time, Messi scored his second goal and the team’s third to give Argentina a 2–3 lead, but then Mbappe scored a hat trick to end Argentina’s lead with the third goal.

The match was tied 3-3 in extra time, the world champion was decided on penalty kicks, Argentina scored 4 goals while France scored 2 goals.

Thus, the South American country of Argentina ended the 16-year monopoly on the FIFA World Cup in Europe by defeating France, Italy in 2006, Spain in 2010, Germany in 2014 and France in 2018.

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After the success against France, Lionel Messi made his last World Cup memorable and fulfilled his unfulfilled dream and took the World Cup trophy.

It should be noted that Argentina won the World Cup in 1978 and 1986.

Messi named best player of FIFA World Cup 2022.

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Argentina’s star footballer Lionel Messi, who played the mega event for the last time, was named the best player of FIFA World Cup 2022.

After the match, the best performing players of the tournament were announced, in which Argentina’s Fernandes was given the Young Player Award, while France’s Kylian Mbappe was awarded the Golden Boot Award.

Apart from this, Argentina’s Marandains won the Golden Glove award for the best goalkeeper while Argentina’s Lionel Messi, who was playing his last World Cup, was awarded the Golden Ball award (the best player of the tournament).

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