Australian government refuses to hold Khalistan referendum in Melbourne

Australian government refuses to hold Khalistan referendum in Melbourne

Before the Khalistan Referendum in Australia, the situation became tense when posters were put up praising Indira Gandhi’s killers.

It has been decided to take out a car rally on January 15 to commemorate the 34th death anniversary of Indira Gandhi’s killers, Suwant Singh and Kehar Singh.

It should be noted that the killers of the former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, were hanged on 6 January 1989.

Satwant Sankh and Kehar Singh killed the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to avenge the attack on the Golden Temple.

According to foreign media reports, Khalistan Referendum will be held on January 29 in Melbourne.

In this regard, the poster of Khalistan Referendum put up outside the Plymouth Gurdwara went viral on social media.

The poster also has pictures of Satwant and Kehar Singh, but after seeing this poster, the Indian Hindu community was outraged and sprayed the poster.

A video after the incident is also going viral on social media, in which the voice of a person can be heard threatening that ‘Indians have courage, push them, these posters will be displayed at each interchange in Melbourne. ‘

On the other hand, the Australian government has refused to stop the Khalistan referendum after examining all the issues.

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