Australian Open: Corona-infected players also eligible to play

Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis will also allow players affected by the Corona virus to play.

Tennis Australia chief executive Craig Tilley says players do not need to be told they have tested positive for the virus, and players can attend the event if they feel better.

Craig Tilley says that testing for Corona 19 is not mandatory during the Australian Open, and those who feel unwell will be asked to stay home.

He said that we have made it clear to the players and 1200 staff that if the health is bad then stay at home, the situation is normal for us at this time, it is up to the players to tell about corona positive.

It should be noted that the Australian Open Grand Slam will start on 16 January.

Novak Djokovic was not allowed to participate in the last Australian Open for not having the vaccination, he was deported from Australia.

It should be noted that the same policy was adopted in Australia in the current season of cricket.

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