Australia’s angry kangaroos: People fear going out

Australia's angry kangaroos: People fear going out

There is a small patch of green along Queensland’s Fraser Coast in Australia where people are now afraid to go for evening walks because of an increasing number of kangaroo attacks.

There were even 15 kangaroos camped together on the lawn of a house and did not move. On the other hand, the management of the nearby park has warned people about the attack of kangaroos as they are attacking the people coming and going.

Karen Sutcliffe, the manager of the caravan park, said there were so many of them floating around that it was impossible to count them. He said that people themselves are very scared and are not leaving the house unnecessarily. In addition, many people go out with sticks in hand to keep pesky kangaroos away.

One person said that they have given up on evening walks because the animals come so fast that you can’t be alert. People have also started to cut down the grass that grows after the rains because kangaroos hide in the deep green and come out suddenly.

This is the reason why kangaroo attacks on people are on the rise and according to the Department of Environment, seven attacks have been confirmed in a year. Recently, a 67-year-old woman’s leg was broken by a kangaroo attack.

According to experts, although only male kangaroos attack, now female kangaroos are also equally involved in incidents. They have strictly prohibited people from feeding these animals anything so that they do not get a chance to come close.

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