Ayesha Al Mansoori became UAE's first commercial pilot captain

Ayesha Al Mansoori, a woman from the United Arab Emirates, made history by becoming the country’s first commercial pilot captain.

According to the report of the foreign news agency, 33-year-old Ayesha Al-Mansoori has been serving as a pilot with the national airline Etihad for a long time. She started her professional career in 2007.

Etihad Airways has named Ayesha as the UAE’s first female captain of a commercial airline, with the newly elected captain saying she is “very grateful” to have her aviation with Etihad Airways. Getting an opportunity to advance your career.

“I am proud to be the first female Emirati to become a captain in a commercial airline, and hope to be an inspiration for young women to pursue this career path,” she added.

Earlier, Ayesha Al Mansoori had achieved the honor of becoming the first UAE female pilot to fly the Airbus A380 in April 2019.

Ayesha al-Mansouri’s first flight was an Airbus A380, which flew from Abu Dhabi to Amman, the capital of Jordan.

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