Bad conditions in childhood can lead to heart disease in young adults

Denmark: A survey has found that children exposed to adverse conditions at an early age are more likely to suffer from or have an increased rate of coronary artery disease and heart disease in adulthood.

These problems include illness or death in the family, poverty and deprivation, infertility and domestic strife, neglect and stress in the family. Children living in this environment are immediately affected, but at the same time, they can suffer from heart diseases even in their youth.

The report, published in the European Journal of Heart, looked at 1.3 million children between January 1980 and December 2001. Meanwhile, 4,118 children were diagnosed with cardiovascular disease (CVD) between their 16th birthday and the end of 2018, some as young as 38.

Experts have also said that if these problems do not go away even in adolescence, then the risk can increase. However, adverse conditions in childhood can increase the risk of heart disease in adulthood by 60%, which is evident in this long study. If there are 100,000 people of average age of 30 years, 50 people may have heart disease, but due to domestic problems, 10 to 18 more cases may increase which is a very worrying issue.

Especially in childhood, the negative effects of death in the home, serious chronic diseases are very severe. The study looked at a total of 1,263,013 Danish children who lived to their 16th birthday and did not suffer from any heart disease.

Children aged zero to 15 years were included in the study and were divided into 5 different age groups. These included children with very few domestic problems, material deprivation (unemployment and poverty), chronic deprivation, children who lost or were at risk of losing a sibling or parent, and a fifth category of children who were in all kinds of severe problems. They were surrounded.

Among these children who saw hunger and disease, the rate of heart diseases has also been seen to be high.

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