Biden called Trump a threat to America

Washington: US President Joe Biden has described former President Donald Trump and his supporters as extremists and termed them as a threat to the foundations of the American state.

According to American media reports, US President Joe Biden said in an address to the nation that Donald Trump and his Republican supporters are extremists who are a threat to the foundations of our state, which threaten equality and democracy, and if we If you do not understand, you will harm yourself.

Speaking in Philadelphia, Joe Biden slammed Republicans who embrace Trump’s make-America-great-again ideology, saying they embrace anger, they thrive on chaos, they are true. They live not in the light of but in the shadow of lies.

In addition to last year’s attack on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters, the US president cited a nationwide attack on abortion rights by hard-line conservatives and said the erosion of other freedoms from contraception to same-sex marriage. There are concerns about leaving and the Republican mega forces are working to take this country back.

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