Bill Gates became a ‘grandfather’

Bill Gates became a 'grandfather'

Washington: The eldest daughter of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, married to a Muslim Egyptian youth, has given birth to a daughter.

According to the world news agency, Jennifer, the eldest daughter of the world’s richest person and the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, and her Muslim husband, Nayel Nasr, have confirmed the arrival of a little fairy in the family on social media.

The couple, who got married in October 2021, also shared a photo of the newborn on social media, in which the couple is holding the little fairy’s feet in their hands, but the baby girl’s name has not been named yet.
On announcing the birth of a daughter, congratulations poured in on Instagram. The family members also wrote congratulatory messages and the consumers also offered prayers expressing their happiness.

It should be noted that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates were divorced in 2021. Both of them got married 27 years ago. A few days after the divorce of the parents, daughter Jennifer and Nayal Nasr were married.

Bill Gates and Melinda attended their daughter’s wedding but the two have never been seen together since then.

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