Blacklist companies engaged in illegal trade

Blacklist companies engaged in illegal trade

Brussels: The United Nations has announced the blacklisting of 112 companies doing business with illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank of Palestine.

According to the list issued by the United Nations Human Rights Council, 94 of these companies belong to Israel and 18 companies are from other countries. This list came out despite intense American pressure on the United Nations.

The US and some of its allies wanted to prevent him from implementing a 2016 decision to publish a blacklist of international companies involved in settlements. These companies are perpetuating Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and encouraging settlement and colonization.

The US believes that the list of companies operating in illegal settlements in Palestine reflects bias against Israel. It has been pressuring the United Nations for two weeks not to update the blacklist.

State Department spokesman Vedant Patel said the United States continues to oppose any move to update the list and that his administration has contacted the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights directly. has expressed his displeasure.

“Our view is that this database only reinforces the anti-Israel bias that is often seen on United Nations websites,” he said. are or are considering doing business in the region.

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