Britain: Iran is spreading bloodshed from the Middle East to Ukraine

Manama: The British Foreign Secretary has accused Iran of spreading bloodshed from the Middle East to Ukraine in a speech at a ceremony in Bahrain.

According to the World News Agency, the Foreign Minister of Great Britain, while addressing a dialogue conference in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, severely criticized Iran and Russia, calling both of them a threat to the peace of the world.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly accused Iran of spreading bloodshed from the Middle East to Ukraine, saying that allies must work together to counter Iran’s aggressive ambitions.

James Cleverley added that Iran has become increasingly nuclear-capable and is expanding its arsenal, threatening the whole of Europe.

The British Foreign Minister also criticized the aggressive policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin and called Russia a threat to world peace.

James Cleverly added that Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is causing world food shortages, with war-torn countries like Syria, Yemen and Lebanon suffering the most, already in a humanitarian emergency and economic crisis. They were stuck.

It should be noted that Ukraine, the United States and the Western alliance had accused Russia of launching suicide drones on Ukraine that Iran had provided them, and on this basis various Iranian companies were also banned.

At first, Iran was silent on this accusation, but later the Iranian Foreign Minister acknowledged the sale of drones to Russia and stated that when these drones were supplied, the Ukraine war was not known at all.

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