British MP: The world should immediately forgive Pakistan's debts

London: British Member of Parliament Claudia Webb has called upon the international community to not only waive Pakistan’s external debt, but also to compensate for the climate change that caused the floods.

Member of Assembly of Great Britain, Claudia Webb, on the social networking website Twitter, while shaking the world conscience on the situation caused by floods in Pakistan, demanded that the inflation in Pakistan has reached the highest level of 27%, so the rains and floods Pakistan’s external debt should be waived immediately in view of the disaster caused .

Claudia Webb further wrote that the climatic changes that Pakistan is facing include rains, floods, droughts and extreme heat. All these are due to global forces which are responsible for climate change while Pakistan’s contribution is only one percent.

The British Member of Assembly further wrote that due to climate change, Pakistan is paying the price for something that it has not done, so the international community should compensate Pakistan for this loss.

Two days ago, while raising this important issue in her tweet, Claudia Webb wrote that Pakistan’s share in global greenhouse gas emissions is less than one percent, but Pakistan is among the top 10 countries affected by climate change. . Actually, Pakistan is paying the price of greed of big countries.

Claudia Webb further wrote that Pakistan has the highest number of glaciers after the North Pole with 7,253 and all of them are melting fast.

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