Careful use of ketamine can control depression, research suggests

Careful use of ketamine can control depression, research suggests

Virginia: A study has shown that people with depression and suicidal ideation were significantly better after doses of ketamine.

A study conducted at Mind Peace Clinics, a ketamine therapy clinic in Arlington, USA, found that 70 percent of people who used the drug experienced an improvement in their mental health, while 40 percent of those who took the usual 10-dose regimen reported an improvement. After that, there were no symptoms of depression in the man.

The research adds to the growing body of evidence that ketamine, given with other drugs, can be effective in the treatment of mental disorders such as depression. While some clinics are using the drug off-label, it is legal but not recommended.

Careful use of ketamine can control depression, research suggests

Some experts say that the relief caused by ketamine is quick and short-lived, while traditional antidepressants take a little longer to provide relief, but their effect is long-lasting.

The team of researchers is hopeful that ketamine may be helpful for patients for whom other antidepressants do not work, and may provide quick, short-term relief for those suffering from severe depression.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, researchers studied 400 individuals.

Everyone in the study had previously tried medical treatment for depression or suicidal thoughts.

All individuals were given a single dose of 0.5 mg every 21 days. After which the participants reported whether they still felt symptoms of depression or not. And if it does, how much is it?

After 10 doses of the drug, 72 percent of participants reported a reduction in the severity of their depression. While 40% of patients had no symptoms left.

The researchers are optimistic that their drug can help combat the epidemic of mental health problems in the United States.

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