Chimpanzees shot at zoo, 3 dead after leaving cage
Three chimpanzees were killed and others injured when the chimpanzees escaped from their cages, officials said.
According to foreign media, this incident happened on Wednesday where some chimpanzees in a famous zoo in Sudan came out of their enclosure.
According to media reports, the chimpanzees after coming out of the enclosure roamed the zoo premises, instead of being sedated by gun injections, the management shot them.

According to reports, the zoo administration was criticized by the citizens after the incident, which claimed that instead of tranquilizing the chimpanzees with gun injections, they were shot so that they would Do not harm the public as it would take time for them to become sedated (unconscious) by injection and in such a long period of time a great deal of damage could have been done.

Media reports said the zoo was closed to tourists at the time, but management said the chimpanzees could have posed a threat to staff, with three chimpanzees killed and others injured in the shooting.

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