China: Opened its borders after three years, End of quarantine

BEIJING: China has reopened its borders to international travelers, which have been closed for three years due to the Covid lockdown.

According to the World News Agency, China imposed travel restrictions in March 2020 and became the first country to close its borders due to Corona, but later the countries that closed their borders opened their borders but China maintained the restriction. Was.

Since March 2020, only Chinese nationals were allowed to return home but had to undergo a 1-month quarantine.
Foreign travelers and tourists do not have to undergo quarantine on arrival in China, but the condition is that the PCR test done up to 48 hours ago should be negative.

400,000 people applied to go to China with the announcement of opening the borders. Those arriving in China from the first flights expressed their happiness and said that they were eager to meet their loved ones.

It should be noted that the first case of Corona was reported in December 2019 in China and this deadly virus spread terror all over the world, but after the invention of Corona vaccine and vaccination in all countries, the situation is now under control.

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