China: Record rise in number of Covid cases 

Beijing: In China, the number of Covid cases has increased to a record.

China has confirmed 31,527 cases on November 23, the highest number since the outbreak began.

Earlier, in April 2022, 29 thousand 317 cases were reported, but now this record has been broken.

Capitals Beijing and Guangzhou have been hit hardest by the recent wave of Covid-19 cases.

But still about 90 percent of the cases reported daily are asymptomatic patients.

During the recent wave, 6 people died due to covid, most of them from Beijing.

More than 5,200 deaths due to Covid-19 have been reported in China since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, indicating that the Zero-Covid policy has helped save lives.

However, the strict restrictions to prevent Covid have had negative effects on the Chinese economy, due to which the restrictions have been relaxed.

Quarantine time has been reduced from 7 days to 5 days while quarantine restrictions on people who come in contact with patients have been lifted.

People protesting online

Due to ongoing football World Cup matches in Qatar, citizens in China have criticized online the Covid restrictions.

After seeing thousands of people without face masks in the stadiums during the matches in Qatar, people on the Chinese social media site Weibo asked if China exists in the same planet.

Some people said that watching the event in Qatar felt like they were cut off from the rest of the world.

He said that on one side of the world there is a festival atmosphere while on the other side people are not allowed to go to public places.

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