China rejects US criticism: Commitment to help Pakistan in every possible way

China rejects US criticism: Commitment to help Pakistan in every possible way

Beijing: In response to America’s criticism, China has responded by saying that its friendly country is helping Pakistan in every possible way in this hour of difficulty.

According to the World News Agency, Wang Wenbin, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, in response to the question of waiving Pakistan’s debt or suspending installments for now, said that there has been fruitful economic and financial cooperation between the two countries and the people of Pakistan all this. Know well.

Wang Wangwenbin said that as far as the flood victims are concerned, China stands by its friend Pakistan in the difficult times and has so far provided 56 million dollars in aid to the flood victims.
The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the US and said that instead of criticizing the issue of China and Pakistan, the US should give real and beneficial assistance to the flood victims of Pakistan.

In a meeting with Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto in Washington, US Secretary of State Blanken announced 10 billion dollars in aid for the flood victims of Pakistan and also advised to talk about debt waiver with China.

It should be noted that Pakistan only has to pay off the debt of 14.6 billion dollars to China, while about 1.1 billion dollars has to be returned to the Paris Club countries and 10 billion dollars to the rich countries like Japan, France, Germany, USA and others.

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