China will not give up its right to use force on Taiwan

Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping, while addressing the opening session of the party meeting, said that the solution to the Taiwan dispute depends on the Chinese people and China will continue to make efforts for a peaceful solution, but with the right to use force. Will never give up.

According to the foreign news agency, China claims Taiwan as its territory, while Taiwan says that it will not back down from its sovereignty under any circumstances and will not compromise on its freedom and democracy.

In his opening address to the 20th Party Congress of the ruling Communist Party in Beijing, Xi Jinping said that China has always respected, cared for, and protected the interests of the people of Taiwan, and that it is the economic and cultural values ​​in the Taiwan Strait. Committed to further promotion and exchange.

He said that resolving the Taiwan dispute is the responsibility and right of the Chinese people and it will be decided by the Chinese people themselves. Insist on efforts

But we will not promise to relinquish the use of force and reserve the right to take all necessary measures.

Xi Jinping said that keeping the option open was aimed at “interference” by outside powers and on behalf of the majority of Taiwanese people rather than a few supporters of Taiwan independence.

He said that the historical wheel of national unity and renewal of national spirit is moving forward and complete unity of the motherland must be regained and achieved.

Taiwan’s presidential office responded to the statement, using the island’s official name, saying that the Republic of China is a sovereign and independent country.

The statement said that Taiwan’s position is firm that there is no retreat on national sovereignty, no compromise on democracy and freedom, and war is not an option for either side of the Taiwan Strait.

Beijing has proposed a ‘one country, two systems’ model of autonomy for Taiwan, the same formula that China uses for Hong Kong, but opinion polls show that all of Taiwan’s main political parties support the proposal. The system has been rejected and has almost no public support.

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