China’s second military exercise in a month near Taiwan

China's second military exercise in a month near Taiwan

BEIJING: China’s military has conducted military drills around Taiwan for the second time in a month, focusing on land and sea attacks.

According to a foreign news agency, the People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theater Command said in its statement that Chinese forces held joint war exercises in the sea and airspace around Taiwan.

Command spokesman Senior Col. Shi Yi said in a brief statement that the purpose of the drills was to fully counter provocative actions by foreign forces and Taiwan independence separatist forces, including testing joint fighting capabilities.

Taiwan’s presidential office has strongly condemned the drills, saying that China is making baseless accusations. Taiwan’s position is very clear in that it will neither escalate conflicts nor inflame conflicts, but rather defend its sovereignty and security. will defend strongly.

According to Taiwan’s defense minister, 57 Chinese military aircraft and four navy ships have been spotted around the island in the past 24 hours.

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