Coffees from Japan that have been made 'tasteless'

TOKYO: The Japanese are world-renowned for flavoring food, sometimes making soy-like ice cream, sometimes adding alcohol flavor to Kit Kats, and now the world’s first flavorless toffee that you can’t even find.

It has been named Aji Noshinai which means ‘tasteless toffee’. It is currently sold at Lawson’s Store. It is neither sweet, nor sour, nor sour, nor salty, it is completely free of any aftertaste. That’s not even including the cooling.

But it is not easy to make a completely tasteless product because most of the food items have some taste. A pack of seven toffees is priced at ¥189. It is made from two ingredients including polydextrose instead of sugar and erythritol instead of organic sugars.

Some people tasted the coffee to confirm this claim, some described it as a watery sports drink and some described it as rice sweet.

Interestingly, seven companies in Japan put together their tasteless products and organized a contest on November 7 so that people could vote for their best tasteless toffee. Larson’s unflavored coffees were then declared the best.

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