Corona-like virus that neutralizes vaccines discovered

Corona-like virus that neutralizes vaccines discovered

California: A new study has found that a virus recently discovered in Russian bats is very similar to the virus that caused the global outbreak of Covid-19, while the virus can infect humans.

A team of other researchers, including researchers from the Washington State University in the United States, found in a study that the increase in proteins of the virus called ‘Kosta-2’ discovered in bats can affect human cells and this is the antibody of covid vaccinated individuals. It is also resistant to antibodies and serum.

The researchers said that Khosta-2 and the Covid virus belong to a sub-category of corona viruses known as serbic viruses.

In a study published in the journal PLOS Pathogens, the scientists reported that cerebcoviruses are circulating in wildlife outside of Asia (including in areas such as eastern Russia, where the Khosta-2 virus was discovered), which has led to global health and SARS-CoV outbreaks. – 2 poses a threat to vaccine campaigns.

Researchers have emphasized that universal vaccines should be developed to provide protection against cerebrospinal viruses in general, rather than developing a vaccine against only the coronavirus.

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