Cristiano Ronaldo: Tragic loss of Georgina Rodriguez Rickles, ‘worst moment of my life’

Cristiano Ronaldo: Tragic loss of Georgina Rodriguez Rickles, 'worst moment of my life'

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez is set to open up about the ‘most traumatic moment’ of her life in the second series of her hit reality show.

The 28-year-old model will be detailing how she moved on with life after the death of one of her twins, the baby boy, in April this year.

Rodriguez, who is an influancer as well, has reportedly signed a deal with Netflix at the start of the year to star in a follow-up series.

She will open up about her devastating loss in April in I Am Georgina. Netflix Spain’s director of entertainment Alvaro Diaz said it will form a key part of the second series.

At the time, a statement from the couple said that they were going through the “greatest pain that any parents can feel.”

Rodriguez also revealed in a preview of what she would say about the drama released to journalists at a Spanish TV and radio film festival, “Life has gifted me so much in such a short space of time. This year I have experienced the best and the worst moment of my life in an instant.”

A big piece of my heart shattered and I asked myself how I could carry on. I had the answer nearer than I thought. I looked into the eyes of my children and there I saw the only way of doing it, being all together,” she added.

Rodriguez’s surviving twin, Bella Esmeralda, is one of two children she has with Ronaldo. The couple also shares, Cristiano Jr and twins Eva and Mateo.

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