Cuba: Referendum on legalizing same-sex marriage

Cuba: Referendum on legalizing same-sex marriage

Havana: Cuba is holding a historic referendum on same-sex marriage, adoption and the rights of couples to become parents through surrogacy, with more than 50 percent voting in favor of it. will be provided.

According to the World News Agency, in the referendum held today in Cuba, 8 million voters over the age of 16 are using their right to vote on legalizing gay marriage and the rights of their children.

If more than 50 percent of people vote in favor of the referendum, the country’s 1975 family code will be abolished. The government has also urged the citizens to vote for the referendum.

The referendum would allow same-sex marriage, adoption and surrogacy, and would give more rights to non-biological parents who are the result of surrogacy.

If the referendum passes, marriage in the country will be seen as a union between two people, even if they are of the same sex, instead of a man and a woman.

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