Death sentence for son involved in mother’s murder in Makkah

Death sentence for son involved in mother's murder in Makkah

Riyadh: The son involved in the murder of his mother was sentenced to death in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi news agency SPA, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement that a local citizen, Muhammad bin Atiyallah bin Omri al-Harbi, killed his mother Hudizah bint Awaid al-Shabahi by stabbing her in her sleep.

The Ministry of Interior says that the security force found and arrested the fugitive killer. After questioning, he was charged.

The criminal court had imposed the death sentence on conviction of murder, which was first confirmed by the appellate court and then by the Supreme Court. The execution of the death sentence was executed on Tuesday after the execution of the court decision was issued by the Awan Shahi. went.

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