Decline in oil production: Pakistan's declaration of support for Saudi position

Islamabad: Pakistan has expressed solidarity with the leadership of the country on the statements against Saudi Arabia in the context of the OPEC Plus decision.

Spokesperson of the Foreign Office said that we appreciate the concerns of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to avoid volatility in the oil market and ensure global economic stability. Pakistan encourages a constructive approach on such matters based on mutual respect.

The Foreign Office further said that we reiterate our long-standing, sustainable and brotherly relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It should be remembered that on Monday, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz said that Saudi Arabia is trying hard for the balance and stability of the global oil market under the energy strategy.

On Saturday, the Secretary General of the Organization of Arab Oil Producing Countries (OPEC) said that the decision of OPEC Plus regarding the reduction of oil production is correct and timely. OPEC Secretary General Ali bin Sabbat indicated in a statement that the decision has been taken into consideration of the uncertain situation surrounding the global economy, the imbalance in the oil market, especially the aspects of supply and demand.

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