Decline in physical and mental abilities of children who do not eat breakfast

Spain: It is a fact that breakfast is the most important of all meals of the day, often children and teenagers neglect it, which results in a decline in their mental and physical abilities.

A study conducted in Spain has revealed that school and college going children do not skip breakfast at all. If they think that they will go to school and eat something, then this decision is not correct because this process can continue to affect health.

This problem is common all over the world including Pakistan and only in America 20% children leave home without breakfast and go to school to eat something or the other. Children of the poor and lower middle class who are also suffering from economic difficulties are more involved in them.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children and adolescents who eat a healthy breakfast in the morning can improve many things, including body weight, nutrition, memory, academic ability and attention. Because the effects of a good breakfast last throughout the day. All these benefits cannot be obtained in case of emergency.

Now, a study conducted in Spain has shown that eating breakfast at home is beneficial both socially and psychologically. The research is published in Frontiers in Nutrition. Here, psychosocial refers to emotional, social, social and physical development, including the child’s psychology.

The study included 3,772 children, including teenagers, from across Spain and filled out a five-point difficulty questionnaire. It also included questions related to breakfast habits, breakfast items, location (home or school) and sociopsychology.

There were three types of children in total, firstly those who ate breakfast from home, secondly those who went to school and ate something in the break and thirdly those who did not eat anything at both places.

Psychosocial problems were observed in children who did not eat breakfast at home. Similarly, their performance in the classroom was significantly lower than that of breakfast-fed children.

Research has shown that breakfast is very important for children which cannot be neglected in any way.

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