Defeat Tom Cruise: Tahe trailer of the first movie shot in space is out

In 2020, it was reported that Hollywood star Tom Cruise will shoot the world’s first film in the International Space Station in collaboration with the US space agency NASA and SpaceX.

A few months later, Russia also announced that a film would be shot in the International Space Station.

So the Russian director has clearly defeated Tom Cruise’s project in terms of making the world’s first film in space.

The first trailer of this film has now been released.

Russian actress Yulia Perislud was chosen among 3,000 candidates for the lead role in the movie ‘The Challenge’.

The story of the film revolves around a female surgeon who goes to the International Space Station to rescue an astronaut.

For the film, director Klim Shepenko, Yulia Perislud and an astronaut Anton Shkaplerov arrived at the International Space Station in October 2021 and spent 12 days shooting the film there.

As far as Tom Cruise is concerned, he can still claim the honor of being the first Hollywood film to be made in space.

Universal Studios confirmed in October 2022 that Tom Cruise would become the first civilian to walk outside the International Space Station.

It’s a job that requires months of training from NASA, but it’s not clear if Tom Cruise will be part of the training program.

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