Diabean of "Tarak Mehta's Alta Chashma" is suffering from cancer? Brother's statement 

MUMBAI: Mayur Vakani, brother of Disha Vakani, who plays the role of Diabeen in the drama serial “Taarak Mehta Ka Alta Chashma”, says that the news of Diabeen suffering from cancer is false.

Disha Vakani, who played Daya Ben in the drama, has now reacted to the news of her brother suffering from throat cancer, Sundar Lal, who played Disha Vakani’s brother in Taarak Mehta’s Ulta Chashma, has reacted to the news. I am his brother too.

According to Indian media, the news of Disha Vakani suffering from cancer was due to her past interview in which she mentioned the throat problems due to her unique voice in the drama.

Denying the media reports, Mayur Vakani said that her sister is healthy, so there is no truth in such things, we hear such news everyday, so Disha’s fans need not worry about believing them.

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